Gas Hobs Gorenje

We make it simplified. You make it perfect.
Spark your creativity with our gas hobs

Cooking like a chef can be simple. All it takes is a creative spark as your Gorenje gas hob will take care of everything else. With its big surface, powerful burners and advanced features, it offers support for your wildest cooking endeavours.

Spark your creativity and surprise your loved ones with the perfect dishes they have only been dreaming about.

Cook like a Chef

Cooking Tips & Tricks

Heart shaped egg
Use a heart shaped metal mould for your next cooking experience and prepare a loving breakfast for your family.
Achieve favourable gastronomic experiences
All the great chefs in the world follow an important rule that can help you elevate your cooking to the next level: negative energy has no place in the kitchen. Be nice to yourself and think “I’m doing great!”.