It's so me!

Beautiful. Simple. Affordable.

My life philosophy is simple. I appreciate what suits my habits and my possibilities. I design and arrange my life space in my own way. I choose the collection of appliances that respects my lifestyle. I find it easy to integrate the Gorenje Simplicity appliances in black or white into my home. They join me in living my way. Because they adapt to me, not the other way around.

Advanced Simplicity appliances memorize my personal choices and suggest them next time I use them. All that's left is to press the button to confirm. For the simplest user experience, the most frequently used and convenient settings are immediately available – via a single knob.

Red dot award for Simplicity induction hobs

The new Gorenje Simplicity induction hobs were awarded the prestigious Red dot design award. With innovative functions such as automatic pan recognition and the option to bridge two adjacent cooking zones, they offer even more flexibility and simplicity of use. Designed to guide users in a meaningful way, provide suggestions and choose the modes needed during cooking, the Simplicity hob meets even the most ambitious user demands, while remaining reasonably priced.